Zwei grüne Schuhe sind zu sehen auf einem Untergrund voller Pfeile, die in verschiedene Richtungen zeigen

A great multitude and diversity of information about nutrition is available everywhere. The topic of nutrition is furthermore affected by a a broad array of opinions, trends, and a new insights. In addition with food scandals it leads to uncertain consumers being faced with an overwhelming product offer and a continuous stream of new media reports. In this context strategies for assessing the stream of information and generating authoritative knowledge are important.

KErn is concerned with a science-based, interdisciplinary exchange between research, nutrition industry/production, and nutrition education. Themes relevant to society define KErn's target groups.

Our objectives:

  • Supporting a health-promoting and sustainable life-style
  • Promoting appreciation for food
  • Raising the level of nutrition competence
  • Improving interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Fostering innovation