KErn is linked to the Bayerische Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft (LfL) [Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture] and comprises three departments: Science, Nutrition Information and Knowledge Transfer, and Food Industry and Production.

Section: Science

The science section analyses national and international research work regarding nutrition and food science for relevant projects and results. These results are evaluated and edited according to the needs of the target group. In cooperation with project partners the science section launches new research projects.

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Section: Nutrition Information and Knowledge Transfer

The section Nutrition Information / Knowledge Transfer bundles scientific results and prepares them for the needs of food industry, authorities, and consumers, and develops education services for specific target groups. KErn guarantees the successful transfer of knowledge by the means of practice-oriented workshops, conferences and symposia, dialogue-capable software for specific target groups, and implementation concepts for different age groups and people in different life phases (i.e. young parents/families, senior citizens, students).

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Section: Food industry and Production

The section Food Industry/Production supports producers, processors, and service providers in developing innovative food products and fostering (regional) networks. The diverse situations of consumers, societal developments, as well as aspects of sustainability (ecology, economy, social) are taken into consideration. The Cluster Nutrition (Cluster Ernährung) at KErn develops its activities in the areas of "Innovation Management" and "Regional Value Chains" further.

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